• About the Event

    'Hawaii no Tezawari (Touch of Hawaii)' is the only joint exhibition in Japan by artists who continue to create works based on Hawaiian culture, lifestyle, and nature.


    The selected artists from Hawaii and Japan are all top-notch in their fields and have many fans. This exhibition is designed to showcase a variety of fantastic works to a wide audience, and to provide an opportunity for people to interact with each piece of art, as well as the artists themselves.


    Event Name: Hawaii no Tezawari 2023

    Dates: August 2023

    25th (Fri) 12:00-18:00

    26th (Sat) 10:00-18:00

    27th (Sun) 10:00-16:00

    Venue: Zounohana Terrace (Access)

    Admission: Free

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    A Premier Joint Exhibition of Hawaiian Artists in Japan

    The 'Touch of Hawaii' exhibition is the only one of its kind in Japan, bringing together top Hawaiian artists from both domestically and internationally, and showcasing their unique, finely crafted works.


    The exhibition features beautiful pieces inspired by Hawaii's unique culture, nature, and lifestyle, presented through various forms such as quilting, sculpture, musical instruments, and chalk art. It provides a valuable opportunity for many people to interact with their art, conveying the passion and philosophy of the artists.


    Witness the splendid works and, through interaction with the artists, fully immerse yourself in the charm of Hawaii.



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    Live Performances by Musicians

    On the day of the event, you can also enjoy moving live performances by musicians. The beautiful tones reverberating throughout the venue will enhance the art pieces, which are inspired by Hawaiian culture and nature. While being immersed in the enchanting world created by live music, the pleasant rhythms and melodies will stimulate your senses, deepening your emotional response to the art. Please look forward to this special day.



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    Relaxing Space with Food and Drinks

    Within the venue, a café is also available where you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while relaxing and appreciating the art pieces. The meticulous menu and comfortable atmosphere of the café will further enrich your art-viewing experience.


    You can enjoy conversations with like-minded peers and artists, and spend a memorable day.



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    Shopping at the Museum Shop


    At the event, a museum shop is also set up within the venue, offering a variety of goods featuring the works of the artists. The shop offers wonderful items that let you feel the original artworks up close, perfect for a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one.


    There are also limited items available only at the 'Touch of Hawaii' exhibition, providing a valuable chance to take home the worldview of the artists. Incorporate your favorite works and the charm of the artists into your daily life, and expand your enjoyment of art.


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    A Venue Filled with History and Sunshine

    The 'Zounohana Terrace,' which serves as the venue, is a splendid spot, filled with history and natural light, and offering a spacious, attractive space. You can enjoy the art works in a bright and open space filled with abundant sunlight. The venue is also easily accessible by public transportation, so feel free to come by.


    This place is also where the "Hokulea," a canoe that set sail from Hawaii using modern navigation technology, landed. Enjoy the worldview of Hawaiian artists unfolded on this historic land.

  • Artists Introduction

    the main artists

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    Meg Maeda

    Hawaiian Quilt


    Graduated from Tama Art University, Graphic Design department. Her years of experience in graphic design have given her the power to create unique, high-quality quilts with her unique design aesthetic. She is adept at expressing the atmosphere of Hawaii, including the plants, the wind, light, temperature, and humidity that surround them. She continues to work in graphic design while holding 15 classes a month and also serves as a lecturer at the Quilt Academy in America.



    "Hawaiian Quilt Blooming in Hawaii" (Patchwork Communication Society), "Designer's Hawaiian Bag", "Living with Quilt in Hawaii", "Room with a Hawaiian Quilt", "Quilt Design with Hawaiian Motifs", "Iro-Iro Hawaiian Pouch" (Graphic Company).

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    Hansen Kamiya



    Born in 1960, lives in Fujisawa city. He carves the Hawaiian god statue called "Tiki" and is pioneering traditional Polynesian bone carving in Japan, primarily in Shonan. In 2007, he was commissioned by Atwood Makanani, a crew member of the traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe "Hokule'a", to create a Tiki called the "God of Peace" for the Hokule'a. In addition, he is committed to carrying on the will of the late George Michael, a leading figure in bone carving, maintaining refined designs and precise techniques, and passing them on to the next generation. He has more than 2,000 workshop participants.


    Owner of the bone carving brand "Hansen's". Representative of the artwork "Hansen's Arms".

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    Polynesian Tribal Tattooist


    Born in 1977, from Kanagawa Prefecture. She carries out art activities themed on tribal designs from the Polynesian region, including Hawaii, Tahiti, and Samoa. While she has held workshops and created many group logo designs and order paintings, she currently runs the apparel brand "Pikake Style", proposing new fashion. She uses tribal patterns as a method of expressing her inner world view, creating works of art. In recent years, she has made her debut as Japan's first female Polynesian tattooist, and has performed procedures on over 1500 people to date.


    Owner of the apparel brand "Pikake Style". Representative of the tattoo shop "Pikake Tattoo".

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    Tadashi Taka

    Ukulele &

    Acoustic Guitar Builder


    Born in 1960, from Saitama Prefecture. In 2010, he studied professional production techniques under the guidance of Mr. Tomoaki Ogoshi, a guitar teacher and maker, at the "Acoustic Guitar Making Institute". He revises the folk instrument ukulele with guitar production techniques, bringing in elements from research on various musical instruments such as violins and kotos. Currently, he focuses on made-to-order production for each individual, aiming to create high-quality and artistic musical instruments with the theme "Beautiful, Lovely".


    In 2012, he set up the custom-made specialty workshop BLUE MOON CRAFT, holding order-taking meetings at Hawaii events in department stores nationwide, and currently has about 200 owners. In 2013, Ikaika Blackburn of NA-HOA performed on the award stage of the NahoKu Awards, known as the Grammy Awards of Hawaii, becoming the first Japanese maker to perform on the big stage in Hawaii. Currently, many professional musicians in Hawaii and Japan are using and performing.

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    YUKI Komatsu

    Hawaiian Chalk Art

    Oil Pastel Painter


    Born in Tokyo, lives in Kanagawa Prefecture. After an exhibition on Oahu, she launched the world's first "Hawaiian Chalk Art". For 15 years since, she has continued to create vibrant works with a soft touch using oil pastels and her fingers, under the motto "Pictures with a Story". Many of her works have been adopted for store signs, murals, and products in Japan and Hawaii, and in recent years she has worked on collaboration art with domestic airlines and product packaging in Hawaii.


    Owner of YUKI BOARD WORKS.

    Books: "Let's Try! Fun Hawaiian Chalk Art" (Futami Shobo).

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    Born in 1974, from Chiba Prefecture. Living in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii for 26 years. Graduated from University of Hawaii, Hilo. Impressed by the great nature of the Big Island during his student days, he started shooting with a film SLR camera. After 6 years of working as a shooting assistant and location coordinator in London, UK, he returned to Honolulu and established RYUJIN Corporation. Currently, he operates from his studio and home in Honolulu, mainly working on photography, filming, bridal, and corporate shooting.


    Representative of the photography and film production company RYUJIN.

  • Guest Artist

    New comers

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    Ako Chang

    Woodblock print

  • Guest Musicians

    Guest Musicians

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    Saaya Hinami


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  • Shops


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    Coffee beans

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    Meg's Kitchen

    Malasada donut

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    Miu Mint Aloha

    Hawaiian fabric

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    Pick the Hawaii

    Hawaiian Goods

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    SIMMA Hawaii

    Art goods and clothing

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    Zounohana Cafe


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  • Venue: Zou-no-Hana Terrace

    1-1 Kaigan Dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama

    About Zou-no-Hana Terrace

  • For inquiries about the event, please send us an email at the following address.

    Thank you for your interest in "The Touch of Hawaii."


    This event, now in its tenth year, consistently centers on "Hawaiian Art," distinguishing itself from typical Hawaiian events with its unique concept and content. The people who gather here are handpicked professionals, each of whom continues to pursue Hawaiian art as their theme, their livelihood, or their life's work.


    Chalk art, photography, sculpture, musical instruments, tattoos, quilt work, and more - through these diverse forms of expression, you will find not only the familiar comfort of tropical culture but also the thrill of fresh, harmonious artistry in the Hawaiian art they create.


    Although the event is named "The Touch of Hawaii," you'll find that all your senses will be filled with high-quality stimuli from the carefully selected content at the venue.


    We aim to provide such inspiring experiences to our visitors who have an interest in Hawaiian culture and make their way to our event. At the same time, we want to convey the charm of a culture that doesn't only rely on tradition but continuously shows new forms of expression.


    Producer: Kazuo Nakata

    Hawaii no Tezawari 2023